The Toddler curriculum encourages children to explore in a safe but stimulating environment.


18 Months - 2.5 Years

Our toddler program is an extension of the infant program. The children are encouraged to explore in a safe but stimulating environment with flexible scheduling for both indoor and outdoor activities. They will use a variety of educational and fun-filled toys that encourage fine and gross motor skills.

Yoga and mediation are also used in the toddler room to help increase attention span, reduce stress and anxiety as well as increase self confidence.

Toddlers will be fed a nutritional lunch and two healthy snacks. A nap will be encouraged everyday in a quiet rest area for 2 hours.  We will assist and work alongside parents in toilet training tactics.




Outdoor Play

Arts and Crafts

Circle and Story Time

Music and Movement


Gross Motor and Fine Motor Activities

Riding, Push and Pull Toys

Science and Sensory