Visual Arts, French, Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi.


Visual Arts

King Academy Child Care Centre will provide each child with the opportunity to express themselves creatively. From painting, drawing, cut and paste and sculpting to exercises exploring texture, color and shape. Visual arts will be more challenging as your child transitions into each classroom.



Children will be introduced to French in the toddler program. They will learn the French language through stories, songs and games. Children will be open to a variety of French music, finger plays, and vocabulary, for example: alphabets, numbers, greetings, etc.


King Academy Child Care Centre will introduce yoga starting in the Infant room to integrate body and mind. This program will help build strength, flexibility and balance, ie; 'downward facing dog' helps children learn to crawl.


King Academy Child Care Centre will introduce meditation in the Toddler room. Meditation helps children in a variety of ways such as reducing stress and strengthening the immune system. It can also improve relationships at home and at school. It decreases aggressiveness and anxieties and improves behaviour as well as attitude, focus, memory and concentration while promoting inner peace.

Tai Chi

King Academy Child Care Centre will introduce Tai Chi in the Preschool room. Studies have shown that it helps children focus and increase their level of concentration. It also teaches them how to reduce their anxiety and remain calm in stressful situations. Children who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD can also benefit from Tai Chi.